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Much like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s grandmother introduced him to the love and peace of roses, my grandmother, Ethel Daniels' love of roses, shaped my character. She set me on the path to root-feed my soul by bringing out my inner rose spirit and later in others.

Long before there were gardening bloggers, Ethel Daniels maintained connections between our family Ross Root Feeder company and the newspaper garden writers of America. In the same way that she helped to inspire millions of gardeners to nurture and protect their prize-winning roses, this book takes her vision to the next level, that of accelerating the development of your rose spirit.

This book chronicles my journey for discovering my cultural and Judaic spiritual gardening roots for infusing a touch of spirituality into a mean-spirited material world. I have surrounded myself with spiritually inclined artistic souls throughout my life, By learning to feel what they felt, I began to relate their angelic heart according to the eloquence of root-feeding.

The transformation begins from within. Much the same way the water pressure swirls the plant food tablets into a tonic from within the root feeder mixing chamber, this book relates how you can transform your stony heart anger, fears, and insensities, into a nurturing tonic for others. You begin to open your heart and feel the spiritual surge of contentment when you nurture and heal the spirits of others. So, we learn to root out our inner weeds to bring forth our inner rose. Systemic racism and right-wing extremism have put a lot of pressure on our well-being and mental balance. I wrote this book to help bring my friends out of the social media bonfire into a better place, a more spiritual place. It is a lyrical monoclonal antibody infusion for the spirit.

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