Join our cause and help us Weed Out Hate

After over 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his I have a dream speech to the nation, much of his promised land vision has come to fruition. Unfortunately, there are still persistent weed seeds of hate that remain embedded in our collective consciousness hindering our success as individuals and as a society.

Let's Finish with Our Hands what Dr. King Started with His Heart and Soul

We, the kindergardeners of America, desire to complete the job that Dr. King started. Just as weeds compete for nutrients and water that cultivated garden plants require, our inner weed seeds, the germs of prejudice and hate, prevent us from experiencing our deepest root-connections to nature. With the right intention, removing weeds from our yards and gardens can serve as a paradigm for eradicating the inner weeds of hate and prejudice that many of us harbor and too often suppress. The physical act of weeding,therefore, enables us individually and collectively to realize Dr. King's dream for a world free of hate and prejudice for one and all.

It's the difference between rooting weeds and promoting lifelong habits of weeding out hate.

We Appreciate Your Donation

To donate, please Contact Us for details (donate@weedouthate.org).



Support Our Cause…Purchase T-Shirts and Other Weed Out Hate Accessories Here

Add an extra dimension to your community outreach and service projects by integrating Weed Out Hate Initiative accessories into your social action program.

In coming months we plan to offer T-Shirts, balloons, bumper stickers, weeding tools, wild flower seeds and more.

To register your interest in purchasing such items please Contact Us for details (donate@weedouthate.org).

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