April 3rd, 2018 is National Weed Out Hate Day

If you are like me, and feel totally paralyzed, in reacting towards the effects of Trumpism and the darker angels it brings out, the Weed Out Hate Platform gives you a positive, inspirational method, for helping to root out bullying tendencies, in our children, the roots of society.

If you have kids in school, engage with your kid's teachers to weed out hate in their school peace gardens. Invite the media. Contact your mayor for Weed Out Hate proclamations. How to do this is discussed in this website.

If you are helping a midterm candidate, refer his or her team to this website for organizing weed out hate rallies. The weed out hate platform is a fresh approach, rooted in Nature, positioned for nature lovers, mothers, fathers, gardeners, and spiritually attuned souls.

If the worst happens, do Iike I did...Right after Parkfland, I flew down to Florida and paid my respects decorating Jewish graves with weed out hate yarmulkes. Use your imagination to promote this very positive message.

This is a 2in1 campaign. You have the opportunity to connect with the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s prophetic Mountain Top speech, by planting seeds of peace, while weeding out the hate. If you have a garden, why not plant a rose bush to honor Dr. King with your family and loved ones.

Hillary Clinton discusses Weed Out Hate (first 20 seconds)

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“WHO NBC13 Interviews Marc Daniels at Democrat Debates in Des Moines."

“We found most instructive the thought that went into one man issuing sunflower seeds to people outside the church. "You get children to relate weeding a garden to weeding out hate," the man, named as Marc Daniels, was reported as saying as he passed out the seeds. – Jamaica Observer

“There were deep rows of flowers left on the church's facade along with teddy bears and signs. Two copies of Daimyo Jackson's Weed Out Hate CD were also placed amongst the items.” People Magazine

Marc Daniels is the chairman of “The Weed Out Hate Initiative.” He passed out sunflower seeds to people in hopes to weed out hate and sow seeds of peace. “This is a lesson that every child can learn every adult can learn, this is how we stop this problem that’s affecting our society literally at the grassroots level,” he said. “It is our choice to cross over the river of racism into the promised land of love.” – WATE ABC6 Knoxville

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Add an extra dimension to your community outreach and service projects by integrating Weed Out Hate Initiative accessories into your social action program.

In coming months we plan to offer T-Shirts, balloons, bumper stickers, weeding tools, wild flower seeds and more.

To register your interest in purchasing such items please Contact Us for details (donate@weedouthate.org).

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