Weeding out hatred is a process composting our inner weeds into nurturing trees, for sowing the seeds of hope, instead of fear and hatred. It takes kindergarten to the literal and the spiritual level for conditioning impressionable souls to relate the weeding in the yard and garden to the desire to sowing nurture and compassion in each other.

Trumpism is the force that causes our inner dormant weed seeds to germinate into fear mongering, bullying, racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia. Berning out the Trump is the desire to draw from the force of God and Nature, for transforming our negativities into positive attributes.

The extremes between the two candidates provide a refection of the inner battles that we face every day. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, we need to fight hatred with love, not hatred. The concept of composting hatred into love, nurture empowerment and compassion can be understood even by youngest gardener. This is why families should learn to garden together and even engage in community gardening at the earliest possible ages. Community gardening is the great social leveler.

This is our Kristallnacht moment!

Calling on Democratic U.S.Senators to smash on floor.


Bernie could be the next John F. Kennedy

There has not been a individual that empowers you to give back to their country since. John F. Kennedy Bernie can take JFK's vision to the next level. Bernie Sanders 1960's ' kibbutz experience made a life long impression on him. When the State of Israel was established back in 1948, a leading authority in the spiritual aspects of the torah as derived form the wisdom of Kabbalah, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag held some conversations with David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, regarding integrating spiritual aspects into what had otherwise been deemed atheist communist collective models. Yehuda Ashlag believed that Karl Marx himself was influenced by kabbalah. CCNY Profession Marshall Berman confirmed this in his book "Adventures in Marxism"

How the AIPAC and RJC smear Bernie Sanders as anti-Semitic is totally unfounded, since Bernie's life long service record has made him far more Jewish in the spiritual sense by nurturing and empowering others, than those who promote Israeli interests without fully understanding the spiritual mission of Israel.

America needs of new generation of Peace Corps and Head Start volunteers. College students need to work on farm collectives and even consider working a few years in an Israel kibbutz. If Bernie were to push this, this would condition the next generation of nurturers, reinvigorating the progressive movement....


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